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With the OPDPro-Dental module, dentists can track the patient’s each tooth record from swelling to pericoronitis. This module is suitable for single & multi-chair set-ups as well. The dental clinic management system is a state-of-the-art solution designed to enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of dental practices. With the OPDPro platform, dental clinics can seamlessly manage patient appointments, treatment plans, digital imaging, billing, and more. Our intuitive interface simplifies administrative tasks, allowing dental professionals to focus on providing exceptional care.


Why Choose Us


Convenience in appointments till record keeping


Verified Doctor Profiles & Enhanced Accessibility


Advanced technology, security & performance


Saving time and so the efforts and cost of running a clinic

What our users say

We are using the OPDPro-Dental module for our clinic. Since the year 1999, I was managing case papers as a standard practice for record-keeping purposes but now all data is available with a single click. It is quickly searchable, printable and also useful for study purposes. From a Rural Dentistry practices point of view, we've suggested a few modifications in the software to the OPDPro team and to my surprise, now the latest version has everything I was looking for!
Doctor review
Dr. Milind Bonde
I am using the OPDPro-ENT module for a year. I am very much satisfied with the system, cost and features it offers for my practice. I am travelling and visiting a few facilities but with OPDPro my patient data is always accessible to me all the time. The imaging module is helpful for referring to old X-rays and certain media files we need to use. Pay-as-you-go is quite easy on the pocket and in-built WhatsApp integration is a really good feature for keeping patients well informed!
Doctor review
Dr. Rajan Pundkar
OPDPro-Ophthalmology is the module we are using for our Pune-based centre. Now in-house as well as all visiting doctors can track patient records from their own as well as our set-up. All required data from the patient's visit is tracked and included in reports. The predefined data points are a great help while preparing a case history and summary reports. Medical inventory & consumables are accurately tracked by the OPDPro system.
Doctor review
Dr. Shilpa Rathod
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